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Knockout Photograph Chaos

I do not have a lot of photo albums or scrapbooks, but I did have a lot of pictures stored away in photo boxes that needed a high level declutter. I used shoe boxes as sorting bins so I could throw lids on them when I needed a break (this was not something I could finish in one session).

  • For digital photos see my page about organizing Digital Files.

  • Make sure photos are being stored in a container meant to protect them.

  • Macro sort first! Quickly sort all of your pictures into predetermined categories. While you are sorting, get rid of poor quality pictures, multiples of the same or similar pictures, old relationships, excess school pictures (you do not need 50 of the same one).

    • Possible categories:

      • Size (you may want to keep extra large or small photos together)​

      • Travel

      • Holidays

      • Specific Person

      • Specific Event

  • Micro sort later if desired.​

    • Individual photo organizers for each category.​

    • Scan and store them digitally (if you want and have the time).

    • Use photo albums and scrapbooks if desired.

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