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Jayme Herbert


Please email if you have any questions about decluttering and organization.



"You've heard the

term minimalist?

I'm a maximalist"

Certified Organizational Specialist™

Paper Solution® Certified Organizer


Thank you for visiting my website, My name is Jayme Herbert and I am a Certified Organizational Specialist. Whether it's in the kitchen or bedroom from books and toys to paper chaos, I love working with clients to assist them in their decluttering and organizing journeys.

My own organizational journey began many years ago when I began to research ways to declutter my home. I learned a lot from many great organizers, took part in a variety of programs, and came to realize three important things:

  1. Though decluttering is necessary and important, I am NOT a minimalist. I'm a maximalist.

  2. My need for micro-organization or macro-organization can vary depending on the area and situation.

  3. I could not use the same strategy for every area that needed to be addressed.

I finally turned a corner when I tackled my paperwork, and ultimately my office. Here are three key things that helped me knockout chaos:​

  1. Family members must be able to use THEIR style.

  2. It is ok to make our house work for us and our needs/functions.

  3. Collections and hobbies are important to each individual and need to be treated as such, but need to be limited to no more than three.

Helping others to learn and grow is in my soul. I have a background in education, where I have proudly served as a teacher, counselor, and principal for over 25 years. I grew up in the south as a middle child until moving to the Midwest to start a family. I currently reside in southeast Indiana with my husband and two teenage children. I have a daughter in high school and a son in college. I have firsthand experience in dealing with all sorts of chaos in one's own life and the chaos that comes from having a family with kids from birth to adulthood.

I invite you to join my organizing superhero team so that we can knockout chaos together.

Thank you,
Jayme Herbert,

Certified Organizational Specialist™

Paper Solution® Certified Organizer

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