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Knockout Digital Chaos

I took a course on Emails to Zero by Learn Do Become and it was a game changer. I set timers to stay focused. I gave myself one hour on files, then another hour on pictures. For photos and apps on my phone, I declutter while I wait for appointments (medical, car, etc.).

  • BE CAREFUL you can lose tons of time organizing digital files. Remember the main thing is being able to retrieve what you need when you need it with ease!  The key to this is using a consistent system when saving files.

  • Create a system for NEW files and documents. Use that system for everything from this point forward. The system needs to work and make sense for YOU. I used to create folders and folders within folders.  I now let my searching features do the work for me.

  • Put everything prior to the new system in an area that is clearly labeled as 
    “Older Than ___” or “Before ___” and then you can deal with it in the future (or never). I love to do this when I have to wait at a location that I didn’t expect.

  • Ideas for decluttering files and emails (you may do them all or just some):


    • Look for unnamed files or draft emails. Either name/save the files, complete the email and send it, or delete.

    • Do a search for large files or emails with attachments. Scan to see if any can be discarded.

    • Create filters on your email program to automatically put emails you want but not in your inbox (ie coupons for stores) into designated folders. Learn from my mistakes:

      • ​Don’t create a folder for every store, company, etc.!  Instead create one folder for each purpose (coupons, receipts, travel, calendar, etc.).

      • Periodically empty these folders.

    • ​Instead of just deleting try to unsubscribe to 10 email chains a week.

      • ​Another idea is to create an email just for subscriptions.

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