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Knockout Magazine Chaos

I struggled for years having a lot of magazines. First, I made the decision not to get any more subscriptions, no matter how cheap. Second, I went through my magazine collection and to decide what could be thrown away. Then I organized using the tips below.

  • Cancel existing subscriptions you don't normally read with a week of their arrival.

  • Convert to online subscriptions if possible.

  • Throw away any magazines you don't even want to go through.

  • Batch organization:​

    • Set a timer (no more than 3 minutes per magazine) to look for anything inside it that looks remotely interesting and rip it out.​

    • Sort the ripped out selections as you go, but do NOT take action yet. I sort using the following categories:

      • Recipes​

      • Health

      • Financial

      • Interesting Read

      • Other

    • Determine a discard method. When I was done looking through a magazine, I determined if it could be donated to an art program at school, retirement home, or community center. If yes, I put it in a donation box. If no, I placed in a recycling bin.​

    • Take action and discard (this can take a while).​

      • Once ALL of the magazines had been gone through and quickly assessed, the next step is to take action. Read interesting articles or scan things you want to keep for reference, but the goal is to discard each item once action is taken. If you read it and want to keep it, scan it for storing digitally.​

      • Choose a category to start with (I chose recipes first because it was quickest). I looked over the ingredients to determine if the family would actually enjoy the recipe. If it was a keeper I added to my recipe collection, if not it was discarded.

  • Quickly assess the collection.​

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