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Knockout Clothing Chaos

Coming soon...


  • ZONE items based on type.

    • Depending on your needs you can have a wide range of micro/macro assortment of clothing. For example, my hanging shirts are arranged by color (ROY G BIV - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet).​

  • Declutter by getting rid of clothing you do not need, want or wear.​

    • Pull everything out.​ I have a LOT of clothes so I do categories (shirts, dresses, pants, etc.)

    • ​Would you wear tomorrow (or as soon as it's in season)? If not, get rid of.
    • Is it worn out? If so, get rid of.

    • Is it no longer your style? If so, get rid of.

    • Would you buy it again now? If not, get rid of.​

    • Keep a declutter bin in/near your clothes closet to stay decluttered moving forward.

  • Determine your need for hanging/folding depending on effort of putting it away. I recommend folding as much as possible for children. It helps them keep it under control more when you transition to having them doing their own. In our home shirts are the only things on hangers. See also my page on closets for hanging clothes or drawers for folded clothes.

  • Do not keep clothes that cause negative feelings stored with the clothes you wear.

    • Put clothes that do not fit into storage.​

    • Do not keep more than ONE bin of clothes "for when" you lose or gain weight.

  • Use the "hanger backwards" method. Warning: They can fall if you tend to yank clothes.

  • See my page on shoes.

  • See my page on accessories / jewelry.

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