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Knockout Storage Area Chaos

Invest in good storage containers, especially if items are being stored outside the home, in a garage, or in your basement. We once got a leak and my storage items were in cardboard boxes. Everything was damaged!

  • ZONE items based on use; seasonal decorations, clothes, food, tools, supplies, etc.

  • Declutter by getting rid of anything you can.

  • Label your storage containers! Especially if they are opaque.

    • You can also use storage containers that are designed or colored to match each zoned collection. For example, all of my Christmas decorations are in green containers with red lids. This makes it very quick and easy to identify stored items that I am looking for.​

  • Create a storage space for items like cleaners and tools that you do not use often.​

    • Cleaners:​

      • Buy in bulk / concentrate to save on cost.​

        • ​Remember my story from earlier with the cleaners? When I did the cleaner declutter I only kept one of each cleaner in each zone and stored the excess in my basement. This allowed me to use up cleaners reducing the number of random bottles throughout the house.. ​

      • Invest in spray bottles, but label them!

        • Grove has a very nice but pricey selection.​

    • Tools:​

      • Store in a toolbox. Then decide where to store the toolbox.​

      • Micro vs macro will depend on how often you use tools and supplies. 

  • Plastic totes are better than cardboard.​

  • Think about adding a donation bin located near your storage areas.

  • Create an overstock pantry or kitchen area so your main living areas don't have excess.

    • Store bulk items like paper towels, toilet paper, bulk food, etc.​

    • Store large or rarely used items (large platters for family gatherings, stock pot, etc.) 

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