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Knockout Scheduling Chaos

I have a medium sized basket on my desk that I go through once a week. As things come into my house if the task can wait I simply put it in the basket. If I have an idea for a future event or need, I write it down in index cards and put them into the basket.

  • Use a planner that works for you!

    • Paper or digital?​

    • Make your own.

    • Utilize colors, stickers.

    • Consider daily, weekly, and/or monthly.

  • Use a TO DO list.​

    • Create a digital TO DO list for long term "wish" items and goals to get them out of your mind.​

      • Kanban, trello, etc.​

    • COPE:​

      • (C)entralize - one location.​

      • (O)rganize - like items together.

      • (P)rioritize - 4 quandrant method:

        • Crucial / due soon (ie. bills). Focused area. Can it be delegated?​

        • Crucial / due later (ie. appointments). Secondary area. Can it be delegated?

        • Not Crucial / date pending (ie. coupons). Can it be delegated?

        • Not Cruicial / no date (ie. dreams). Delete? Delegate? Create a wish list.

      • (E)stimate - be realistic in setting a time to complete.​

  • Use an Alexa (or similar) for your shopping list.​

  • Meal Planning:

    • See my page on recipes.​

    • Post a weekly or monthly meal plan for the family to see.

    • Do a freezer/refrigerator/pantry check to plan meals around what you have that needs to be used ("cleanout meal").

  • If you have a lot of scheduling / time related organizing to do, set timers to stay focused and have good stopping points..​

  • Deep Cleaning:

    • First consider the Goldilocks Rule. As long as it is good enough for you move on!  Also, deep cleaning does not need repeated often!

    • Create a cleaning tote/bag you can carry with you from room to room that has all of the items you need to clean to avoid multiple trips.​

    • Have another tote/bag that you can place items that don't belong in that room into so you are no distracted by traveling through the house - just put it in the bag. Then when you enter a new room to clean, check that bag to see if you have any items that go in the room you are in now. You may have items leftover at the end that you missed or for rooms you are not cleaning this session simply return them quickly to the correct location.

    • Create a monthly task list to help reduce full day deep cleaning. If you take all the tasks and spread them out over each month, maybe you'll only need to do a "reset" once in the spring and fall.

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