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Knockout Chaos in a Rec Room

Our rec room, or "the game room" as we call it, has hundreds of board games. We even decorated the room with a gaming theme and had custom shelves built to house all of our games. Our board games are organized by category with a specific location for most frequently played games.

  • If you have a large collection embrace it don't hide it in storage! 

  • To save room, put CDs, DVDs, and video games into sleeved cases. Depending on how many you have you may need to have a system for organizing the sleeves and adding new items.

  • Use shelves that are deep enough. If things overhang it looks messy.

  • When possible use similar storage containers.

  • ZONE items in the room based on use; toys together, collections together (movies, music, board games, video games, etc.).

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