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Knockout Laundry Chaos

Pay attention to your family's tendencies to develop a strategy for putting clothes away. I hate hanging up pants, and I don't like to dig around for pants in dark drawers, so I learned to fold my pants a certain way that lets me store them vertically in my drawers.

  • Have a basket for each person. As the laundry comes out of the dryer, it goes in their basket for THEM to put away (younger children will require some assistance and/or more training).

  • Do what works for you and your family. I do laundry once per week.

  • Use laundry bins / baskets / hampers.

    • Every bedroom and bathroom used for bathing gets a bin for dirty clothes.

    • Each person gets to decide where the bin in their room goes. 

    • I also have a bin on my washer because my family puts things in there directly as well (particularly the dirty kitchen towels). If your kitchen is far from your laundry you will want a plan for dirty kitchen items as well.

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