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Knockout Chaos in Your Head

I have a multi-story home and found myself constantly yelling across the house to my kids. I bought a Google Mini (Alexa works too) and put them in each room. Now I have an intercom system and no more yelling. OK, less yelling. As a bonus, the device can also play music when I need it.

  • Everyone has different default settings and we can't expect everything to be perfect so decide that is important to each person in the family and how to make it happen. (Goldilocks).

  • Eat the frog! (Mark Twain)

  • Believe you can and you will (Broke 4 minute mile story).

  • Don't let the "toddler" in you run the show. We can't do what we want all the time and we have to do things we don't want to do too. Sorry, not sorry.

  • Instead of "can't" think "can't yet."

  • Google Mini, Alexa, or similar device for communication and music. This cuts down yelling across the house. You can even communicate using these devices from your phone when you are not home!

  • Silent TO DO list.

  • Find what relaxes and motivates you depending on the task you are working on.

  • The past traps us with regret of things we cannot change. The future traps us in our dreams. Actions and choices in the present matter the most.

  • We have a tendency to make up thoughts in our heads about what others my think and then let that affect our decisions or mindset as if it really happened.

  • Watch how you talk to yourself because you are always listening!

  • If you are the most _______ in a room, you need to be in a different room to grow.

  • You can't change your triggers, but you can change your reactions.

  • Create an inspiration board (quotes, pictures, etc.) that motivate you.

  • Dorothy Mindset - You always had it in you!

  • It is easier to move a pebble than a boulder.

    • Break down big tasks.​

    • Handle the little things before they grow into bigger ones.

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